5 Ways Students Can Go Green in College

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Global warming is an issue that has been ignored for too long, and with the glaciers melting and forests catching fires every day, the issue needs to be addressed more than ever. Every community needs to make changes at small levels and need to make the planet greener. As a knowledge seeker, it should be a moral duty of every student to not only spread awareness about the cause but also take small measures to contribute to the cause themselves. In this article, I have mentioned a few tips for students that will help them go green in college.

Say No to Notebooks

In a time where technology has made everything digital, taking notes digitally needs to become popular as well. Students need to use fewer paper notebooks and must prefer taking notes online digitally. Instead of taking pen paper to the classrooms, you should take your laptop or tablets so you can take notes on them. You can also use your phone camera to capture the lecture notes on your phone.

Use Biodegradable or Reusable Bags

One should avoid using plastic bags as much as they can. When you have to go out shopping to get groceries instead of taking a plastic bag, you should get a reusable bag or biodegradable bags. It will also save you adding all those bags to your waste bin as well.

Submit Your College Assignments Online

When it comes to submitting college assignments, a lot of students like to print them and submit them in hard copies to the teacher. That is a thing that can be avoided easily. Instead of wasting several paper pages, you should submit your document via email. Now, some students may think that they would not be able to decorate and compile their documents properly with that. But they can easily do that by using different pdf software. One good example is sodapdf which does not only let you merge documents but also helps you in scanning your book material as well.

Consume Less Electricity

Another thing a lot of students do not pay much attention to is the consumption of electricity. When you are not in your dorm room, make sure that all the lights are switched off and no electrical equipment is running. When you are at home, your parents or older sibling might care about these things, but in dorms, you will have to be more responsible. You should also consider installing lights that are energy efficient. And it does not only allow you to contribute to the fight against global warming but it also reduces your electricity bill.

Bike to Campus

If you are commuting to campus in a car, then you might want to change that as well. Especially if your campus is not that much away from your hostel, you should consider biking there. It will not only help you go green but will also give you a good amount of exercise as well. In cases where your hostel or house is so far that you cannot bike there, then you should prefer public transport over your own car.

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